About Us

Hello again. A brief history. LifeLongPix was founded by Paul Lindberg in 2006 in Colorado, a state that is a photographer's playground and most likely has had every square inch photographed multiple times.

Knowing this, the goals of LifeLongPix have been, from the very beginning, to strive for the unique shot or picture that makes your eyes move within the photo. The goal is to create "Photos your eyes will love" and can be enjoyed over and over again.

Several other items distinguish LifeLongPix from other photographers. For one, I still have a day job so I can price my photos and services more reasonably. On the flip side, some orders can take longer to fill as I do have a day job.

Each photo is processed with extreme attention to detail as my overall goal is to create great photos, not run of the mill or volume photos for a quick sale.

Also, being a smaller company, we can offer flexibility in print sizes and formats. For example, all of LifeLongPix photos are available as greeting cards and in a variety of display sizes to fit your decorating needs. Please see the "Prints, Products, & Events" tab for more information.

Finally, my prints use quality pigment based inks with archival papers that provide a lab-tested display length of up to 100 years when mounted behind glass. I feel that if I can create a photo worthy of passing on to your children or grand-children, then LifeLongPix has accomplished its mission.